MM Freedom Trading was founded in Toronto, Canada from the knowledge of an International Trader and Logistics Coordinator for agriculture goods. Matthew Mavrogiannis has been in this field of business since 2008. MM Freedom Trading has built sound relationships spanning from East Africa to West Africa connecting to the Middle East, China, Japan, Vietnam, and India. In 2013, we expanded into Mexico and Canada. Since then MM Freedom Trading has not looked backed and progressed in these regions with the goal of expanding globally.


Our Values

Relationship and Caring Service: Our purpose is to build firm relationships and friendships.
Respect: We will always respect your opinion, your belief, and your consideration.
Passion: We have a passion for interconnecting around the world.
Honest: We never mislead or provide fabricated information, we want to succeed and prosper together.
Loyal: We are loyal and always stay faithful to each customer relationship.
Professional: We are conforming to the ethical or moral standards at all times.

why choose us

MM Freedom Trading will help your company with:

  • Saving costs on paying employees salaries and their overtime
  • Save time and money on researching
  • Help learn and penetrate markets with less risk
  • Create a stronger network
  • Fortify the opportunity to build a partnership or joint venture

Our target markets include well-established companies and small developing companies.  Developing companies have the opportunities, but need the knowledge and experience to guide them. The larger companies need to save on costs and time. We have the expertise to provide both and sync them together.

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